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Frederator's "Bee And PuppyCat" Raises $872,133 on Kickstarter

by Jerry Beck
November 14, 2013 9:35 PM
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Frederator Studios announced today that it has secured $872,133 in funding from a campaign  to fund the production of additional episodes of its hit animated short, Bee & PuppyCat, created by Adventure Time animator Natasha Allegri.  

The campaign exceeded its goal of $600,000 and now ranks as Kickstarters's fourth most funded Video and Film campaigns to date - a list that also includes the Veronica Mars movie, projects from Spike Lee and Zach Braff, and ahead of the digital sensation Video Game High School 2

Bee & PuppyCat,originally debuted on Cartoon Hangover in July as a 2-part, 10-minute short and became an immediate hit, amassing more than four million views and driving both male and female viewership. The series is set to kick-off on Cartoon Hangover this summer.   

The Kickstarter campaign was launched in October with the goal to garner enough funding to create six new episodes of the breakout hit.  The success of the crowdsourcing campaign, which has amassed more than 18,000 backers, has now enabled Frederator to up its production to eight episodes.  The new content is expected to be premiere in Summer 2014.

Bee & PuppyCat, follows Bee, an out-of-work twenty-something, who has a life-changing collision with a mysterious creature that she refers to as PuppyCat, because she is not sure if it is a dog, cat, or both.  Between space and time, Bee and PuppyCat take intergalactic babysitting gigs to pay another month’s rent, and embark on adventures that include betrayal, intrigue, and magical transformations.  As a “traditionally animated” series, all elements of Bee and PuppyCat are drawn by hand.

The newly funded Bee & PuppyCat series will join Frederator Studios' burgeoning Cartoon Hangover YouTube Channel, which already features the breakout hit series Bravest Warriors. Conceived and developed by Fred Seibert—the animation luminary whose executive producing credits include such animation blockbusters as Adventure Time, The Fairly OddParents, The Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Laboratory - Cartoon Hangover ranks as one of the fastest growing channels from YouTube’s 2012 funded channel initiative.  Since its launch in November 2012, the channel has generated  more than 4 million unique viewers (source: YouTube Analytics), over 66 million views of its programming, more than 193 million minutes watched of its shows, and almost 900 thousand subscribers.  

The Bee & PuppyCat Kickstarter campaign will reward its backers with more than nine new episodes of the series. It will provide them with an intimate inside look at the creation of the episodes as well. Digital downloads of storyboards, exclusive DVD's, exclusive Squishable brand PuppyCat plush, a comic book series from BOOM! Studios, an exclusive t-shirt from, and first looks at new episodes are a handful of creative ways that Frederator Studios and Allegri will give back to the community who helped to make production of the new episodes a reality.

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  • Johnny | November 16, 2013 1:54 PMReply

    I didn't care for the short myself but it's always a victory when someone gets their animation produced independently.

  • eeteed | November 15, 2013 7:54 PMReply

    for decades the people that produce and publish cartoons have held on to the lion's share of the profits and rights to the creations.
    the reason they give for doing so has always been, "we deserve the lion's share because we take all the risks. we risk our money on these projects in hopes that they will succeed, and the biggest risk should be given the biggest reward."

    this being said, i'm having trouble understanding why Miss Allegri has any need for frederator productions. I suppose they are bring SOMETHING to the table, but it sounds like they didn't do much more than start up a kickstarter fund.

    as frederator is taking no financial risk in this production, I hope they will be taking an equal amount of financial reward.

  • Tarco | June 25, 2014 11:45 AM

    Natasha Allegri has actually worked for Frederator for manny years, She begun her animation career working on adventure time after being invited by her college friend "show creator Pen Ward". While working there she notably came up with the concept of Fiona and Cake, the most popular adventure time episode to date, a series produced by Frederator Studios.

    In regard to Frederators financial risk, Frederator is primarily a production studio, They create animated series with funding from cable networks like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network who purchase their shows... If a network refuses to buy the series than that means no money, no series... Now if the studio believes in the series so much that they wants to create it any way, why shouldn't they be able to turn to kickstarter or any other crowd funding website to do so?

  • Alex Folck | November 21, 2013 1:08 AM

    I understand your perspective, but I believe that without the advertising and huge fan base that Frederator Studios has amassed, Bee and Puppycat never would've taken off. We know about it because of Cartoon Hangover, not because Natasha is super popular. She partnered with Frederator which got her short to a huge audience very quickly, and now she can capitalize on that opportunity.

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