Technically this isn't anime - it's from South Korea. And I have no idea what's going on here - but I know I want to see it. The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow was directed by Jang Hyung-yun for production company Now Or Never. It's apparently being released this month in Seoul. 

The Plot? According to the website

A pianist-in-training loses his heart and becomes a cow, while, with the help of Merlin (the Wizard, who has taken shape as a role of toilet paper) a satellite felled from the cosmos by a supernova is transformed into a girl. Following a narrow escape from secret agents chasing heartless people, the two mismatched characters draw close. 

Got that? Good - now, explain it to me. It's like Astro Boy meets Totoro meets Aqua Teen Hunger Force... on acid. Here's the trailer: 

Smells like a hit - someone, please, pick this up for U.S. distribution.

Satellite and The Milk Cow poster