Kids today seem far more interested in an tablet than a piece of paper, but that is simply the latest trait in a trend that stretches back to the earliest Amiga machines. Animation has been present along the way with plenty of computer software programs written to entice budding animators to get familiar with the process of creating rather than watching.

Years ago you needed a computer with a CD drive and a mouse, but today, a tablet is all you need to get characters dancing around on the screen, and in high-definition too! 

What will be interesting to see though, is whether the new Disney Animated app will have much value beyond the obvious entertainment it provides.

Giving users the opportunity to make their favourite characters move around any way they wish is precisely what animation is about. Given kids' over-exuberant imaginations, you can be sure they will enjoy it.

Will it entice them to take up animation in a serious way when they get older though? 

Hopefully there will be a few kids for whom this app is the best thing since sliced bread, and ignites the spark that makes them want to make characters move all the time. 

Unfortunately it still remains to be seen if Spiderman's efforts in the late 1990s have had any effect on industry employment, so until we find proof, we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed on Disney's app.

Charles Kenny writes prolifically on his own blog, The Animation Anomaly.