Steven Universe

The premiere of Steven Universe, the show by Rebecca Sugar has been one of the most anticipated of the year. This prompted a review from the LA Times that was very favorable, but which nonetheless, felt necessary to bring gender into the discussion.

Reviewer Robert Lloyd ponders whether the series is 'female' and while he ostensibly does so in a positive way, I can't help but wonder why he felt the need to bring it up at all.

Rebecca is noted as being the first sole female creator of a Cartoon Network show and she is being rightfully applauded for that. The question is why does it matter that she makes a series that reflects her gender?

To paint a contrast, The Powerpuff Girls feature three female leads but was for all intents and purposes, a male show with plenty of violence. That didn't stop girls from liking it in the least though.

So why is the apparent gender of a show still an issue worthy of mention? Steven Universe is above all, a great piece of animation and entertainment and will undoubtedly reach similar heights to its cousin, Adventure Time. I just fail to see why looking at it as a 'female' show has anything to do with its quality.