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Dreamworks has released Open VDB, an open source framework developed by DWA engineers for sparse volume data. This is especially useful for volumetric effects, such as clouds. I recently interviewed Ken Museth and Jeff Wike of Dreamworks to learn a bit more about Open VDB and what it is all about.

Integration of and support for OpenVDB 1 will be available in several widely used commercial products:

Houdini 12.5, Side Effects Software’s award-winning 3D animation and visual effects package.

The next major release of Pixar’s award-winning RenderMan software

Solid Angle’s upcoming releases of Arnold core and Houdini-to-Arnold supports OpenVDB 1 through a set of volume shaders, including advanced effects such as volumetric indirect lighting.

A reference implementation for Maya import/export of OpenVDB 1 will be available from OpenVDB.org later this year.

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