Yes, Nickelodeon has famously put their popular yellow hero on just about everything you can care to name (and then some). However, the opportunity to plaster him all over your vehicle (in a legally permissible way) has eluded the diehard fan, until now.

Behold, the 2014 Toyota Highlander SpongeBob Edition!

Spongebob Highlander

Yes, it's unfortunatelyjust a one-off that's part of a seven city tour of the US over the coming weeks and not one of the trim levels being offered.

While certainly falling under the more 'wacky' publicity stunts out there, it's hard not to wonder how well Nickelodeon know their fans (and their parents).

The car is, of course, not aimed directly at kids, but it is certainly fun and friendly enough to grab their attention, thus roping in the real targets in their parents. 

It's been many years since the Peanuts gang shilled for Ford, but are cartoon stars and cars really a good match? Cartoons featuring cars sure seem to be popular (Wacky Races, Speed Racer, etc.), ads featuring animated characters are too, but when things are flipped around, the results are often, well, ugly! 

That isn't to say that someone out there won't mind bright yellow seats and a aqua blue water ceiling, but surely the cars and the characters would be better off with some nice bumper stickers instead, yes?