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Fox Greenlights "Ice Age 5"

by Ju-osh M.
December 21, 2013 2:25 AM
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Peter Ackerman wrote the screenplay for "Ice Age" and will now be working on DirecTV's first comedy series.

Fox Animation Studios and Blue Sky Studios have officially green-lit Ice Age 5, slated for a July 15, 2016 release. This news should come as a surprise to, well, NO ONE, as films that reach Part 4 rarely adhere to such age-old adages as 'Leave well enough alone' and/or 'Less is more.'

In fact, in the case of the Ice Age films, more appears to actually mean more. LOTS MORE. With last year's Ice Age: Continental Drift earning $874.9 million worldwide (bringing the series' total haul to a whopping $2.8 billion), the 'end' that the films' characters continually fear appears less and less likely to occur any time soon.

The announcement of Ice Age 5 officially makes the summer of '16 the Summer of Studio Sequels, with Pixar releasing Finding Dory and DreamWorks releasing How to Train Your Dragon 3 -- BOTH on June 17.

Originality must've died with the dinosaurs.

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  • Pankaj Srivastava | December 30, 2013 6:21 AMReply

    Ice age 5

  • Nic Kramer | December 21, 2013 10:18 AMReply

    Is this Cartoon Brew or Cartoon Research? This article sorta feels like it belongs in the former.

  • Max C. | December 21, 2013 4:49 AMReply

    Don't Blue Sky realise that nobody cares about the three leads anymore? I still want a Scrat spin-off where we see what happens to him after causing that volcano to erupt.

  • Jody Morgan | December 23, 2013 2:36 AM

    "last year's Ice Age: Continental Drift earning $874.9 million worldwide" -- I'd say that's ample proof that tens of millions of people still care about the three leads, if such a mediocre story racks up such stratospheric grosses. Hopefully, IA5 gives the characters a decent, satisfying swan song, after which Blue Sky goes on to bigger, better, and fresher things. Also hopefully, I'll win one of those nine-figure lottery jackpots.

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