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Gnosis and Whisper Pictures partnering for "Tusk: Hannibal's Favorite Elephant"

by Jerry Beck
October 29, 2013 3:08 PM
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Gnosis Moving Pictures CEO Darius A. Kamali and Whisper Pictures CEO George Merkert announced today that the companies are partnering on the animated feature film Tusk: hannibal's Favorite Elephant. The project, which was co-written and will be directed by Whisper Pictures' Oscar winning Chief Creative Officer Tim McGovern (Tron, Total Recall, As Good as it Gets and currently, Sin City 2), is a family-friendly epic adventure that tells the story of legendary military strategist Hannibal and his favorite elephant Surus, as they seek justice from the Romans. The project, set in 218 B.C., follows Surus and Hannibal as they lead an army of men and 37 African elephants over the Alps, and the deep connection that develops between a man and animal bound by shared hope and common loss. 

McGovern, a founder of Sony Pictures Imageworks, and Merkert, former Executive Producer at the same company, will serve as producers on the project. Kamali, who’s producing credits include Igor (MGM/TWC) and the upcoming Hero of Color City (Magnolia Pictures) will serve as co-executive producer.

Gnosis Moving Pictures is a global, multicultural studio with a focus on both CG-animation and live action features that aim to explore the human condition. Gnosis is currently producing its first animated feature, The Quest, being helmed by Oscar winner Will Vinton, in creative partnership with Vinton Entertainment. The Company is also poised to take on the social and mobile free to play space, through its alliance with IPFranchise, developing both original intellectual properties, branded studio titles and digital extensions of the Gnosis film slate. IPFranchise, headed by Kandice Cota, is currently developing a social / mobile gaming platform for The Pink Panther franchise in partnership with MGM Studios.

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  • eeteed | October 29, 2013 4:37 PMReply

    "... a family-friendly epic adventure that tells the story of legendary military strategist Hannibal and his favorite elephant Surus, as they seek justice from the Romans ..."

    yup, that's exactly the type of film that parents take their children to see.

    animation fans have to put up with a lot. A LOT.
    we want to see classic 2D hand drawn animation, but we have to put up with glitzy cgi crap.
    we want too see adult-themed stories, but we have to put up with stuff aimed at 4 year olds ... stories about talking cars and sad little princesses.
    we want quality product, but the executives that control the animation industry put the lion's share of the profits into their pockets, and serve up low budget crap to the fans (consumers).

    if Tim McGovern wants to make some movie about Hannibal crossing the alps using his OWN money, well that's great. more power to him. I wish him all the best.
    but if wants to take money out of the profit pile that *I* chipped in to (and I sure as all heck didn't chip in to it to see some crappy cgi movie with a lame boring story about Hannibal and the alps) then I kindly ask that he keep his grubby mitts to himself.

  • eeteed | October 29, 2013 7:37 PM

    i think "princess mononoke" would qualify.

  • Matthew Koh | October 29, 2013 6:39 PM

    Well, is there an animated film that is actually a hand-drawn adult-themed quality product?

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