Just in time for Halloween comes Herman Blue: The Pumpkin Comic by Ian Mark Stewart. Stewart uses "replacement animation" - the technique created by George Pal and used more recently by Tim Burton and Henry Selick - where each frame of film snaps a picture of an object sculpted in a slightly different position to create the illusion of movement.

Stewart is an experienced professional animator with stints at studios including Bento Box, Soup 2 Nuts and Radical Axis. He's designed, storyboarded and animated on shows like IFC's Out There, Hulu's The Awesomes, Adult Swim's Squidbillies and PBS's Wordgirl - and directed PBS's Emmy Award nominated interactive web series Chuck Vanderchuck.

For Herman Blue: The Pumpkin Comic, Stewart carved over 250 jack-o-lanterns and filmed them with Dragonframe to create the illusion of a talking pumpkin. A perfect way to say "Happy Halloween!"