Red Light 1

2-D animators J.M Walter and M. R. Horhager seem to have beat Tom Hanks to it. Last year they produced (and released on the festival circuit) this delightful tribute, I Hate You Red Light!

Walter, based out of Colombia with his company 1881 Animation, co-created the short with Horhager's Toronto-based Solis Animation. Produced in a faux-1950s Disney style, they went one step further by filming a live action prologue in the style of a Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color intro - featuring co-director J.M. Walter (above) as "Walt". 

They may not have gotten the characterization as well as Tom Hanks, but the tone, the animation, the concept - even the sound - seems to be a perfect match. They've just put their homage online - perfect timing I guess - and here it is: