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Oscar winner Daniel Greaves Joins Kickstarter To Complete His Latest, "Mr. Plastimime"

Photo of Jerry Beck By Jerry Beck | Animation Scoop April 2, 2013 at 1:24PM

The latest film by Oscar winning director Daniel Greaves uses a combination of techniques and including stop motion clay and hand drawn character animation. He's currently raising funds via Kickstarter to complete the project.

My previous blog had a "No Kickstarter" policy - the reason being that if we opened the floodgates, we'd never do anything else. And it didn't seem fair to play favorites and only highlight work of our friends. 

Well, this is a new website and we've got new rules. I will promote Kickstarter projects of notable established filmmakers and ambitious projects I like. Won't do it all the time, but occasionally when something seems right. As does this one.

Oscar winning animator Daniel Greaves (Manipulation, 1991) is trying to complete his latest short film, Mr. Plastimime, and has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds. Here's his fundraising video:

Mr Plastimime will be produced using a combination of techniques. The characters are stop frame plasticine puppets with the main character's facial expressions animated in 2D. The backgrounds will be created in CG using Maya and then all of the elements will be composited together using After Effects. Looks like a worthwhile project to me. Here is the link to its Kickstarter page, there is a lot of info here and more footage from the production:

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