Futurama characters

The internet greeted with dismay the news from Comedy Central that the Emmy Award-winning and you-can't-keep-a-good-dog-down Futurama was not being renewed after the seventh season airs later in 2013.

The show has already been here before after FOX cancelled the show's original run back in 2003. This time around, fans and denizens of the internet quickly sprang into action, launching a petition that currently has 12,000 signatures.

So that begs the question: Should we even fight for the future of the show?

Let's examine.


Unparalleled hilariousness (what more do you want?)

A rabid fanbase that has already made a rare show revival succeed beyond expectations

It's somehow managed not to jump the shark (yet)

The TV show of choice for sci-fi nerds and comedy buffs alike

No more Leela and Amy, or for that matter, Bender.

It's stood the test of time better than many other shows its age

It's the last remaining home for math jokes by Harvard PhDs on TV.



Nothing lasts forever and Futurama has already proven once to be too good to survive.

Seven seasons is a very respectable run for any TV show. Time for it to stand aside and give a newcomer a crack at the whip.

If it succeeds, the show will have had more comebacks than Elvis!

Falling audience numbers suggest its time has finally come.

It's better to go out on top than to slide into banality.


Theories being advanced is for the show to continue as a web series or to get picked up by Netflix a la Arrested Development.

So what's to be done? Should Futurama get one final chance at the limelight and glory like Rocky Balboa or is it time to put it to rest and give it the dignified respect it deserves?

Charles Kenny writes prolifically on his own blog, The Animation Anomaly.