Simpsons Steal This

If ever there was proof that the universe is full of coincidences, it would be this. The episode of The Simpsons broadcast this past Sunday (Steal This Episode) took a satirical look at file-sharing, illegal downloading and all the other kinds of mischievous behaviour that goes on when people choose not to pay for content.

In it, Homer discovers that he can download content from the internet and in typical Homer fashion, takes it to the extreme. Cue raids from the FBI and a friendly court appearance to boot.

It was all carried off in suitably humurous fashion as you would expect. The episode would have been notable only for that too, except in an almost-certainly unplanned coincidence, a lawsuit brought by FOX against a Canadian man concluded resulting in a judgement of $10.5 million awarded to the studio.

The man's alleged crime? Hosting websites with links to illegitimate copies of both The Simpsons and Family Guy. Oh the irony!