Simpsons John K

It's the great unknown question of the last 10 years or so that remains unanswered despite mutliple attempts. The Simpsons is far and away the most successful TV show let alone animated TV show, ever, but what will come after it's departed to the great big TV in the sky?

With 25 seasons under its belt, the show, it's aknowledged, cannot continue into eternity despite the best wishes of FOX executives. Even the realities of the economy were enough to force producers and stars into a pay cut in 2011 in lieu of potential cancellation.

The Simpsons remains the bedrock of FOX's Animation Domination Sunday night block of programming that includes Family Guy and American Dad. Those shows are capturing a different audience however and filler shows masquerading as potential replacements like Sit Down, Shut Up were quickly shunted off the air after dismal ratings.

With FOX hunting for a replacement for over a decade at this point without much success, their options are starting to wither.

So what will eventually take the place of the Simpsons, and more importantly, will it even be animated?

Whose taking bets on a spin-off?

Charles Kenny writes prolifically on his own blog, The Animation Anomaly.