I don't cover pre-school as much as I'd like, but this new series, making its debut on Nick Jr. internationally over the next few weeks - and in the US this spring - is a winner. Co-created by Yvette Kaplan (Beavis and Butt-head Do America, Ice Age) and Gili Dolev (The Happy Duckling), Zack & Quack is set in a pop-up book and has a unique paper sculpture look, courtesy of art director Erez Gavish. 

The series follows the adventures of a seven-year-old boy called Zack and his devoted duck, Quack. The duo live in a unique "pop-up world", where they can use tabs, pulls and other devices to trigger popups that create an interactive story. 

Zack and Quack is executive produced by Zodiak MEAA/UK family and kids chief executive Nigel Pickard with The Foundation's Vanessa Hill, alongside Kaplan and QQD's Ronen Shani. Simon Spencer serves as the series showrunner. Check it out - below is a promo that has started running on Nick UK:

And below is an exclusive "sizzle reel" that shows off the series unique visuals - what else can I say but it's "Pop-tastic!"