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A Decade of Iraq and the Movies

by Anthony Kaufman
March 19, 2013 3:15 PM
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For the 10 years that American soldiers have been walking, driving and blowing shit up in Iraq, I have covered the intersection of Operation Iraqi Freedom and the movies, big and small, Hollywood and documentary. I have interviewed nonfiction and narrative filmmakers about the war, and written think-pieces about the way directors have addressed the war, and tried to speak out against it. If it weren't for the war, this blog would probably not exist.

While today. admittedly, I lack the feverish anti-war spirit that drove me during the first few years of America's overseas military adventures, I do remain committed to the cause and will continue to advocate for important stories about America's battlefront, such as the upcoming "Dirty Wars."

hurt locker

Call it a pet theme of mine--or rather, a pet peeve. 

In 2010, in a blog post titled "If it Bleeds, It Leads, The New Wave of Combat Docs," I highlighted some of the pieces that I've written about the conflict: "Why are Iraq war films flopping" (Slate, 9/12/06); "Brian De Palma Explains Himself on "Redacted" (Village Voice, 9/7/07); "Battle for Haditha: Nick Broomfield's Hopeful Iraq Drama" (5/6/08); "Absurdistan: The New Iraq War Cinema" (4/15/08); and "The Hurt Locker: Revisited and Overrated" (12/14/09).

While the official war in Iraq may have wound down, the carnage continues. And so will the stories and media that try to represent it.

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