Just like the Republican candidates who surged and fell in the Republican primary race, a new righwing agit-prop doc aimed at President Obama called "2016: Obama's America" brought in big audiences at a single Texas movie theater over the weekend, but it will surely drop in subsequent weeks.

obama's america

No one should make too much hay out of the opening numbers. Remember that Ayn Rand adaptation "Atlas Shrugged." After the first solid weekend, box-office pundits were readying to inaugurate the deceased body of Rand the next female president of the U.S., then in its second weekend, the movie's box office dropped 47%.

If "Obama's America" expands to 400 theaters, as one of the producers indicated in The Hollywood Reporter article that has continued to give ink to a movie that doesn't deserve it, you can bet per-theater numbers will be paltry. I know Obama is much despised by millions of Americans, but how many of those people go to gossipy and manipulative political documentaries? Go ahead, rightwingers, prove me wrong.