It's the return of the movie mash-up. Perhaps not as clever as "The Shining" as feel-good romantic-comedy trailer that circulated the blogosphere not so long ago, but this one sure is topical. Check out "Brokeback to the Future". Yes, it's what you'd expect, and a little bit more.

I think this means it's official: "Brokeback Mountain" has passed the tipping point. All those Christian conservatives who chose to keep quiet, afraid of stirring up "Passion"-like publicity -- well documented in this article -- must now face up to the cultural phenomenon that is "Brokeback." Expanding to 2,089 theaters this Friday and heading to multiple Oscar wins (despite a developing backlash, "Crash" -- come on?) and a $100 million gross, the film isn't some freak, fringe art-film anymore. It's as mainstream as apple pie, playing in the heartland as well as the cities. If Marty McFly and Doc can do it, everyone can!