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Docs Fighting Back: Soldiers Say "Sir! No Sir!" to War

ReelPolitik By Anthony Kaufman | ReelPolitik April 26, 2006 at 3:25AM

Docs Fighting Back: Soldiers Say "Sir! No Sir!" to War

David Zeiger's "Sir! No Sir!" -- a timely portrait of the G.I.-lead anti-war movement during Vietnam -- opened in New York over the weekend, and according to indieWIRE's box office tracking service, performed mightily at the IFC Center, finishing second only behind "Hard Candy." I interviewed Zeiger right before the release for this Filmmaker Magazine article, and we had a good discussion about, among other things, the responsibilities that filmmakers -- especially documentary filmmakers -- have to confront our current political crises.

"Sir! No Sir!" has a fascinating website, rich with archival materals, and while Zeiger doesn't considers himself an activist anymore, he is a member of Artists Network of Refuse and Resist. To find out more about the Artists Network and the "Culture of Resistance," go here.

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