Over at the Sundance Now website, I have a piece titled "The Day After Tomorrow: Climate Change Docs We Should Watch Today." The starting point for the piece is obviously Hurricane Sandy and the unprecedented size and destruction that she hath wrought on the Eastern seaboard. It's been a while since I watched "An Inconveninent Truth," a documentary that I'm not particularly fond of, but I believe there are some prescient scenes in the film which show rising sea levels breaching New York's coastline and flooding the city not unlike we saw this week. So while "An Inconvenient Truth" has its place and its function, for expanding awareness about climate change, I tried to think of some other documentary films which do a more elegant job of tackling the issue. Check out the story, and let me know what you think are the most persuasive or beautiful movies that depict our planet's plunge into eco-apocalyptic ruin.