They've whittled away our civil rights, succeeded in squashing women's healthcare across the nation and managed to put old-white right-wing ideologues on the Supreme Court. But conservatives can't beat Jenna Jameson. I'm not sure if there is a lesson to be learned here for independent and art filmmakers, but in today's "moral-values" culture, I'm somewhat happy to report that the pro-torture evangelical community has a formidable enemy in porn.

The Associated Press reports today that anti-porn activists are launching a renewed fight against an industry "that in the United States alone is estimated to be worth $12 billion a year." They lament the mainstreaming of porn, the widespread availability of sex on the web and the celebrity status of stars like Jameson. As a self-proclaimed feminist, I can't exactly celebrate the rise of an entertainment that is often based on the subjugation (and sometimes out-right humiliation and destruction) of women. But then again, it shows that morality can't stand a chance against capitalism.

If these anti-porn activists begin to gain traction, however, I have a real worry that independent films could get caught in the crossfire. Romance? 9 Songs? Battle in Heaven? For your average anti-porn extremist, I doubt they would see much difference in these movies than Debbie Does Dallas. And then the fight will become one that everyone needs to pay attention to.