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Killing Us Softly: "Manufactured Landscapes" and "The Unforeseen"

ReelPolitik By Anthony Kaufman | ReelPolitik June 29, 2007 at 4:13AM

Killing Us Softly: "Manufactured Landscapes" and "The Unforeseen"

At the revamped and expanded Tomorrow Unlimited site, now complete with RSS feeds, reviews and a feature section, I've written up a more extensive piece on Manufactured Landscapes and The Unforeseen, two new documentaries chronicling mankind's ravishing of the earth, while at the same time offering an alternative and more poetic model for socially-conscious filmmaking.

Both directors had surprisingly similar views on their work, even though on the surface, they have made entirely different films — the one is a portrait of a globetrotting photographer, while the other focuses on the urban development of Austin, Texas. But both share a stunning visual aesthetic -- I like to think of them as the 2001: A Space Odyssey to An Inconvenient Truth's Star Wars.

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