That was quick. After confounding audiences and distributors at the New York FIlm Festival earlier this month, David Lynch has quickly settled on his self-distribution strategy, launching his latest headscratcher "Inland Empire" on Wednesday, December 6, at the IFC Center in New York. The two-week theatrical run is exclusive, according to an IFC Center press release; stay tuned to find out where else in the country the film will play. I know that IFC reps were high on the film, so perhaps this is a way for the company to support the movie without paying up for it.

I can't say I'm one of the film's biggest supporters; I'll admit I was probably more perplexed than blown away by Lynch's low-tech DV nightmare, which mashes Laura Dern screen tests, with a number of Lynch fascinations that he's been developing over the last couple years on his website, including a sitcom involving people in rabbit suits ("Rabbits") and a mystery series called "Axxon N." With dancing prostitutes, Polish heavies, a jealous husband, a Hollywood curse and lots of meta-filmic moments about the nature of film and reality, it's a fascinating work that's essential viewing for the Lynch completist. But for everyone else, this ain't no "The Straight Story."