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Make Arin Crumley Feel Better; Call Congress Now

by Anthony Kaufman
June 7, 2006 8:20 AM
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"Four-Eyed Monsters" filmmaker Arin Crumley is crying over the potential two-tiered Internet system currently being debated on Capitol Hill. (Really, he's that upset.) In a new video podcast, Crumley gets seriously emotional about the potential loss of digital freedom, urging people through tears to call (202) 224-3121, and ask for the representatives who are on the preliminary committee for the telecom bill.

In an email going around, it sounds as if Crumley has tapped a nerve with the MySpace generation. "In one case, a viewer of our video podcast single handedly contacted 18 representatives throughout the day, requesting that the internet stay neutral," he writes. Another fan created his own video podcast: "My entire future is at steak (sic), I'm only 15, all of this is going to be useless (gesturing to his filmmaking equipment), what I'm supposed to do if it [the law] passes?"??

It's nice to know that young activists are being energized every day. But where, oh where, are the larger film organizations -- the Independent Feature Project, Film Independent, etc -- and why have they not yet stepped up to the plate on this issue?

Here's a good CNET article about where things stand now.

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1 Comment

  • emma | June 8, 2006 5:45 AMReply

    God Bless Arin and his incredibly important cause, but does he have to be the Emo Sally Struthers? Weeping into the camera makes things seem a little forced at times. He does the same thing in Four-Eyed Monsters when he gets accepted into Slamdance. I couldn't help but wonder if he did alternate versions(an all-out breakdown if he got into Sundance, a sniffle if he got into SlamDunk or NoDance, etc...)

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