For Screen Daily, former indieWIRE editor Wendy Mitchell breaks the news that Jeremy Thomas' UK-based HanWay Films and Hengameh Panahi's Paris-based Celluloid Dreams are planning to merge. The new sales, production and financing venture, dreamachine, will be based in London, Paris and Toronto, according to the report.

The story goes on to list a litany of works-in-progress that will be unveiled in some form or another at the upcoming Cannes festival or market: from HanWay: Michael Winterbottom's "Genova," Philip Noyce's "Dirt Music," Julian Jarrold's "Brideshead Revisited" and Jon Amiel's Charles Darwin biopic "Annie's Box"; from Celluloid: Alan Ball's "Nothing Is Private," Tom Kalin's "Savage Grace," Harmony Korine's "Mister Lonely," Todd Haynes' "I'm Not There" and Johnnie To, Tsui Hark and Ringo Lam's "Triangle."

U.S.-based filmmakers will be happy to hear that Charlotte Mickie and her staff in Toronto will continue to concentrate on co-production, acquisition and sales for North American independent films, according to the story.