In a story called "Lost in Translation", Newsweek adds to the voices surrounding the foreign film slump by asking, "In Global World, Where are hit foreign films?" Besides being slightly perturbed that the story is essentially a complete rip-off of my own New York Times article and takes evidence directly from that story without credit (I know, the information is out there, but a nod would have been nice), it also blindly quotes Harvey Weinstein without any contextualization: "It makes me angry and sad that we deny the American public the great potential to learn from other cultures," Weinstein said. "I'll never abandon my first passion." That's pretty funny, coming on the heels of foreign art-house distrib Wellspring 's closure by Genius Products and The Weinstein Co and the fact that Harvey doesn't have a single foreign language film on his slate. David Ansen is a respectable critic: How come he didn't do his homework?