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The New Miramax: Safe as Grandma

by Anthony Kaufman
March 27, 2006 2:55 AM
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Perhaps it should come as little surprise that the new Disney-controlled Miramax has a slate that would make your grandmother happy. IndieWIRE's puff piece on new Miramax chief Daniel Battsek today reflects a company whose mission seems bent on safe, middle-of-the-road productions for the whole family. With the exception of their Sundance pickup, Patrick Stettner's The Night Listener, a dark and moody Polanskiesque JT Leroyish thriller, films like The Heart of the Game, The Hoax, Kinky Boots, Becoming Jane and Venus all sound like old-fart material. Maybe the company has to be careful and prude because it's a start-up with a restricted purse. But you'd hope that at some point they'd start to take some more risks. Say what you will about Miramax's former chiefs, but they sure weren't afraid to freak out the old folks.

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1 Comment

  • eug | March 27, 2006 4:38 AMReply

    as author of said puff piece, i have to weigh in and ask you, anthony...who has a more interesting slate right now? miramax or the former risk-takers at TWC? (and i am not so sure you should be so quick to toss off "Night Listener" as an exception...)

    but, it looks to me like most of the Indiewood companies (with the exception of SPC, of course) are playing it rather safe these days.

    and as Battsek clearly says, "The movies themselves should demonstrate what sort of company we are going to be..."

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