There's no getting around it: The news of Robin Williams' apparent suicide today is incredibly awful and a horrifying reminder that no matter how much fame or success or money you may find, no one is immune to the potentially tragic outcomes of battles with depression. But instead of spending this evening letting Williams' death bring you to your own dark place, let the man do what he did so extraordinarily well in over decades of movies, TV, talk show appearances and stand up routines: Make you laugh. For the last couple hours, that's all I've been doing: Watching the dozens and dozens of hilarious clips of Williams online. And it's definitely bittersweet, but it's also surely what Williams would want us to be doing right now. So let's just laugh. It's too damn sad to be try and doing anything else:

A hysterical early standup routine from 1977:

His complete 1982 classic stand-up "An Evening With Robin Williams":

A collection of fantastic scenes from 1987's "Good Morning Vietnam":

Promoting "Dead Poets Society" on David Letterman in 1989:

His hilarious appearance to Johnny Carson in 1991: