"Tom at the Farm"
Venice Film Festival "Tom at the Farm"

While June was clearly a major month for LGBT film festivals, given it was Pride and all -- July is really no less plentiful. So in this monthly series here at /bent, we're offering a directory of some of the most notable festivals in that regard (if you happen to live near these ten cities, at least). From Los Angeles to Dublin to Rio to Barcelona, here's where to get your LGBT cinema on this July:

Fire! Mostra Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
When: July 3-13
Where: Barcelona, Spain
Programming Highlights: One of Europe's most notable LGBT festivals, Barcelona's Mostra has a very nice selection of strong titles we've been fans at here at /bent, including "52 Tuesdays," "Eastern Boys," "Gore Vidal: The United of Amnesia," "My Prairie Home," "The Dog" and "Valentine Road" 
More info and full program HERE.  

Rio Festival Gay de Cinema
When: July 3-13
Where: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Programming Highlights: As the World Cup wraps up, Brazilians (or visitors) can escape that frenzy and take in a wide array of LGBT film, including home grown films like "The Way He Looks" and "Praia do Futuro," as well as recent festival circuit favorites like "The 10 Year Plan," "Fourplay" and "The Rugby Player."
More info and full program HERE

Outfest: Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
When: July 10-20
Where: Los Angeles, California
Programming Highlights: Definitely one of the biggest annual LGBT film events in the world, Outfest has pretty much every queer film to debut at a festival in the past year: "Appropriate Behavior," "Lilting," "The Way He Looks," "The Foxy Merkins," "Jamie Marks is Dead," "Tom at the Farm," "52 Tuesdays," "Gerontophilia," "The Circle," "The Dog," "Dior and I," "Regarding Susan Sontag." Not to mention special events revolving around two of our favorite TV shows -- "Looking" and "Please Like Me." We could go on and on, and will in a preview of the festival later this week.
More info and full program HERE.  

Leeds Queer Film Festival
When: July 10-13
Where: Leeds, UK
Programming Highlights: This weekend festival has lots of great films, even if they are more often than not a little old on the festival circuit: "United In Anger" and "Mosquita y Mari" case in point, as well as "Who's Afraid of Vagina Wolf?," "The Abominable Crime" and "Valencia."
More info and full program HERE.  

Damn These Heels! LGBT Film Festival
When: July 11-13
Where: Salt Lake City, Utah
Programming Highlights: Just an hour or so from Park City, where so many of the year's best LGBT films make their debut at Sundance, is a little Salt Lake City film festival with a strong slate: "Compared To What: The Improbable Journey of Barney Frank," "Appropriate Behavior," "The Circle," "Cupcakes," "Mala Mala," "Lady Valor," "My Prairie Home," "The Way He Looks" "To Be Takei" and "Tom at the Farm" all are screening at the 3 day fest.
More info and full program HERE