It's been 69 days since we launched this wee blog and we figured why not commemorate it by listing a bunch of our favorite posts in one big fabulous batch. 

Speaking of fabulous: Thank you to Peter Knegt, Matthew Hammett Knott, Alice Lytton, Sophie Smith and Oliver Skinner for their daily contributions, and to Toby Ashraf, Fabio Bondi, Les Fabien Brathwaite, Laurence H. Collin, Ronan Doyle, Bethany Jones, Gary M. Kramer, John Oursler, Gregory Rosebrugh, Nigel M. Smith and Matt Thomas for the various thoughtful words they've brought to our table too.

And here's to the next 69 days... If you ideas that you'd like to pitch /bent -- whether ones similar to what's listed below or something totally different -- e-mail Peter Knegt at This is meant to be a forum for as many voices as possible, so don't be shy in adding to our conversation. But until then, check out some of the conversations we've tried to start already:

Ellen Page

Essays & Reviews: From Ellen Page to 'Dallas Buyers Club' to the situation in Russia, we tried to offer a platform for voices to raise themselves in one direction or another, even if not everyone might agree with them.

The Trouble With Representing HIV/AIDS In The Very Troublesome 'Dallas Buyers Club'

On Reading 'Velvet Goldmine' as a Reaction To AIDS Activism Burnout -- And How Todd Haynes Himself Doesn't Quite Agree

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Is It OK for Rooney Mara To Play a Native American Character in 'Pan'?

Between Female Liberation, 'von Trierisms' and Racism: 7 Random Thoughts on 'Nymphomaniac'

Does 'Eastern Boys' Continue French Cinema's Hot Queer Streak?

But Why Are The Kids All Right?

Lady Gaga Returns To Form With Gonzo Music Video For Power Bottom Anthem 'G.U.Y.'

Is "Valentine Road" One of The Best Documentaries Ever Made?

Tilda Swinton in Berlin.
Tilda Swinton in Berlin.

Lists: Yes, we're whores. Just like everybody else.

10 Most Annoying Things About The Oscar Nominations

10 Oscar Nominations We Wish They'd Rescinded

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