"Love Is Strange"
"Love Is Strange"

Interviews: From some folks from "Looking" (Doris and Patrick!) to filmmakers and actors from the Sundance and Berlin Film Festivals (George Takei!), we talked to tons of LGBT and LGBT-interest folks in the last 69 days.

Interview: Jonathan Groff Talks 'Looking,' Awkward Sex Scenes and Telling Stories About Gay Characters That Aren't Just About Coming Out

Interview: Talking Sex With The Star and Director of The Absolute Must See 'Stranger By The Lake'

Interview: George and Brad Takei Come To Sundance To Debut Their Doc, 'To Be Takei'

Interview: Talking To The Epic Team Behind Sundance Award Winning Doc 'The Case Against 8'

Interview: Gregg Araki On Bringing His 'White Bird' To Sundance (and His Love For 'Inside Llewyn Davis')

Interview: Sundance Newlyweds John Lithgow and Alfred Molina Are In Love In Real Life Too

Interview: Chatting With The Director and Star of Berlin's 'Test'

Interview: Elaine Stritch On (Not) Wearing Pants and Hating the Title of Her New Documentary

Interview: Talking To The Director of 'Salvation Army,' The Queer Highlight of New Directors/New Films

Interview: How Do We Get More LGBT Stories On The Screen? Some Thoughts From The BFI's Ben Roberts

Interview: 'Looking' BFF Lauren Weedman On Getting Promoted, Her Relationship With Gay Men, and What To Expect From Season Two

Some Like It Hot

Hays'd: Decoding The Classics:  The Motion Picture Production Code, also known as the Hays Code after censor/stick-in-the-mud Will Hays, regulated film content for nearly 40 years, restricting, among other things, depictions of homosexuality. Filmmakers still managed to get around the Code, but gay characters were cloaked in innuendo, leading to some necessary decoding -- in the form of this fabulous weekly series care of Les Fabian Brathwaite.

Hays’d: Decoding the Classics — 'Rebecca' 

Hays’d: Decoding the Classics — “A Streetcar Named Desire”

Hays’d: Decoding the Classics — 'Rebel Without a Cause'

Hays'd: Decoding the Classics — 'Some Like It Hot'

Hays'd: Decoding the Classics — 'Rope' 

Hays’d: Decoding the Classics — 'Auntie Mame'

Hays’d: Decoding the Classics — 'Suddenly Last Summer'


"Looking" Recaps: Peter Knegt spent way too much time thinking and writing about HBO's "Looking" during the past few months, and here's proof:

Looking at 'Looking': Recapping the Debut Episode of HBO's Highly Anticipated Series

Looking at 'Looking': How Not To Go About Finding a 'Mexican Fuck Buddy'

Looking at 'Looking': Patrick, Dom and Agustín Come Into Their Own -- For Better or Worse

Looking at 'Looking': The Boys (and Doris) Get Their Folsom Street Fair On

Looking at 'Looking': 10 Things We Learned About Patrick In The Series' Best Episode Yet

Looking at 'Looking': Worlds Collide At a Boozy, Bitchy Birthday Party In The Park

Looking at 'Looking': How We Met Patrick's Mother

Looking at 'Looking': A Character By Character Rundown Of The First Season (And Where We Hope They Head Next)