Tegan & Sara

We certainly hope it's not the case, but it's quite possible that with their extremely catchy theme song from "The LEGO Movie" ("Everything Is Awesome!"), Oreo commercial, the fact that they are currently opening for Katy Perry and their well-deserved shout out in Ellen Page's coming out speech, a lot of the world is just finding out about openly queer Canadian (twin) sister act Tegan & Sara now. 

We, on the other hand, have been in love with them for over a decade. And thought we'd share 10 of our favorite tracks so you can fall in love with all of them, download them and use them as your its-almost-Spring soundtrack. Because every single one of them (and many more) are very, uh, awesome:

"I Hear Noises"  (2002)

"Where Does The Good Go"  (2004)

"Walking With a Ghost" (2004)

"I Won't Be Left" (2004)

"You Wouldn't Like Me" (2004)