Rainbow Torch

Both the Sochi Olympics and the Berlin International Film Festival are essentially polar opposites when it comes to being queer positive, as as both events kicked things off this weekend, one helped send a clear message to the former. 

On Friday night, activists rallied around the film festival's headquarters in Potsdamer Platz, lighting a "rainbow flame" that will stand for the entire duration of the Olympics. Hundreds of people -- many of them festival goers who just happened up on it -- waved rainbow flags and held signs that read "no to homophobia" while the flame was lit by Berlin activist group Enough Is Enough. The group raised $20,000 from donations to put up the flame. 

Notably, this is the same group that put on a march through Berlin that ended in a rally outside the Russian embassy and partnered with the German GQ magazine to create a serious of ads with male heterosexual actors and artists kissing. For more info on the group and how to support them, click here.