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'Blondie is Bisexual': Debbie Harry Reveals Past Romances with Women

By Jeremy Staley | /Bent April 6, 2014 at 12:02PM

Debbie Harry has confirmed her past liaisons with women, in a big week for bisexual visibility
Debbie Harry

At the end of a week where bisexuality has entered the news more than once, Blondie legend Debbie Harry has confirmed that her past sexual partners have not only been men. According to the Mail Online, this makes her bisexual "despite" her well-known long-term relationship with a man, as though dating one gender removes any possibility that one might have desires in other directions. But yes, it's possible! And thank you, Debbie, for reminding all those people who apparently need it.

And if any of those people have made their way to this page, we can't recommend enough Alice Lytton's piece from yesterday reminding us that yes, it still matters, and yes, we need to keep talking about until the message gets across.