So the Sochi Olympics finally kick off today, and many of us queer folk (and our friends) clearly feel a little uncomfortable watching given, you know, they would be in a small way supporting the extraordinarily homophobic regime of Putin. But we know, we know: What about the figure skating!? A time honored tradition for gay boys and their mothers, among other demographics. 

Well, if you feel tempted, we suggest instead of giving Russia an extra television viewer to brag about, take various gay ol' trips down Olympic memory lane with these 10 amazing figure skating performances. And if you need to feel butch afterwards, we've also posted the entire Canada-US gold medal hockey game from 2010.

Peggy Fleming, 1968:

Dorothy Hamill, 1976:

Elizabeth Manley, 1988:

Brian Boitano, 1988:

Oksana Baiul, 1994: