6. Saving Mr Banks 2: Inside Poppins' Handbag

The original film may have spent a year and a day delving into P.L. Travers' back story, but some viewers were disappointed it made no mention of her intriguing bisexual past. In this lesbian-pandering sequel, Travers returns to Hollywood to go over some contractual details regarding rights and subsidiaries, with the gripping narrative punctuated by flashbacks to her hot romances with Jessie Orage and Madge Burnand, led by an admirably game Emma Thompson.

He's back, but he's gay - or is he? Not even the screenwriters are sure
He's back, but he's gay - or is he? Not even the screenwriters are sure

7. How to Lose a Gay in 10 Days

If you thought the original film had a ridiculously contrived premise, wait for this highly illogical reboot - Kate Hudson bets her friend that she can't date a guy without turning him gay... only to bump into queen of the scene fashion designer Matthew McConaughey, whose friends tell him he is so camp, no woman would ever believe he is straight. The concept doesn't actually make any sense, and nor does the title, but the film takes in over $200 million worldwide.

8. Legally Blonde 3: Proposition 8

In a ham-fisted attempt to make a long-dead franchise relevant, Lucy Liu and Salma Hayek co-star as a politically correct couple hoping to get married in California. The pair's bitchy exchanges ultimately overshadow Reese Witherspoon's attempt to resurrect her most popular character, with talks for a spin-off sequel currently underway.

9. Dirty Dancing 3: Leather Bar

Figuring that everyone who loves this film is probably a gay man anyway, executives conceive this awful-sounding musical romp, starring Mark Ruffalo and David Oyelowo as good time boys who like their disco grooves with a dose of crotchless chaps. Following a disastrous release, the film tries to make light of its record-breaking set of Razzie nominations, but ultimately fails at that, too.

10. Ace Ventura: Lesbian Cat Thief

Playing off one of the most tired stereotypes out there, this is truly the sequel nobody asked for. After originally casting Alison Janney as the titular cat thief and Kathy Bates as her scheming girlfriend, Warner Bros got cold feet and recast the roles with Kate Upton and Megan Fox, adding a hastily rewritten scene at a cat shampoo parlor. An infamous box office flop, the concept ultimately only found success in a Funny or Die parody sketch starring Janney and Bates. The sketch is currently unavailable for legal reasons.