Looking 4

It was looking pretty dire here for a bit there, but the ratings for HBO's "Looking" are finally on the rise! Sunday's episode (my favorite of the season so far and definitely one that got it a lot of hopefully helpful press and social media reactions), nabbed 505,000 viewers and a .26 18-49 rating (according to this). That's the best numbers the show's ever had, up from a previous high the week before of 440,000 viewers. Which gives considerable hope for a second season renewal (and having seen the entire first season I have to just say THERE HAS TO BE A SECOND SEASON).  

And while we're on the topic of "Looking," here's a fun fact for you. This interview in the Hollywood Reporter with the show's team notes that "Looking" was actually the last title they came up with, and among the options they were considering before were "Homos" and, omg, "Golden Boys." The latter of which I kind of almost like?  

Anyways, everyone please keep watching this show because a) the last three episodes are fantastic and b) I want it to get renewed!