Yesterday Gawker posted  "James Franco Is Living With a Man,", which suggested that Franco and actor Scott Haze were "live-in boyfriends" basically based on two sentences in a New York Times article about him. It called the relationship "somewhat ambitious, seemingly gay, probably romantic," and Franco took to Facebook with this response:

Franco Facebook

We're not so sure if the Gawker post in question is necessarily homophobic, but we'll agree with Franco's sarcastic suggestion of it's "cutting edge scoop." Franco has had a borderline obsession with incorporating explicit queerness into his work for years, and thus fucking with a confused mainstream media in the process. Discussions of whether or not he's "gay" are probably among the least interesting things to talk about when it comes to Franco, who seems to basically be beyond simplistic classification. Or at least that's maybe just what he wants us to think…  Either way, Gawker's post is definitely not some sort of revelation. It details the kind of thing Franco has been doing for years.