Looking 6.2
Doris (Lauren Weedman)

Where We Meet Her: We're introduced to Doris when she calls out Dom for suggesting he should contact his emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend, and it was love at first sight. "We've come a long way for a couple of Modesto rednecks, all right," she spits at him. "You don't need to be taking career advice from a psychotic narcissist." 

Where We Leave Her: Being the best fucking friend ever. After spending most of the season spitting out great one-liners ("It's pinyata time bitches!") and subtly motivating Dom to do what's best for him, Doris pushed herself into overdrive by making damn sure her best friend didn't lose the opportunity to nab Lynn. First by making Dom jealous of the man Lynn brought to his pop up restaurant opening (the resulting "I'd let him sit on my face" line is perhaps Doris' best) and then by going up to Lynn and basically telling him not to fuck this up, Doris was one sassy cupid in the season finale.

Where We Hope She Goes: Promoted to series regular for season two, the only female (and heterosexual, for that matter) character on "Looking" deserves her own story arc next time around, and it could involve pretty much anything and we'd gladly watch.

Richie (Raúl Castillo)

Where We Meet Him: On a bus, hitting on Patrick while on his way to work the door at his friend's bar. Richie invites Patrick to join him (and somehow sincerely pulls off the pickup line "we have a special tonight for pretty blue eyes"), and while Patrick initially declines, this indeed starts a very bumpy road to them becoming boyfriends.

Where We Leave Him: Tearfully admitting to Patrick that he's both "this close" to falling in love with him, and aware that Patrick's not ready for it (though not aware Patrick just got fucked by his boss). It appears to be the end of a relationship that was no easy ride for Richie, who time and time again was forced to push back due to Patrick's various (often race and class motivated) fuck ups, only get pulled back in by his awkward but undeniable charm (and -- we'd suspect -- those pretty blue eyes). 

Where We Hope He Goes: Or maybe it's not the end? Castillo has been bumped up to series regular for season two, suggesting maybe Richie gives Patrick yet another go. We honestly hope that's not the case. They are clearly not a good match, and for Richie's sake we hope "Looking" gives him his own storyline and a non-Patrick love interest.

Kevin (Russell Tovey)

Where We Meet Him: Through a tipsy Patrick at a massive party for video gamers held on, of course, a naval ship.  Patrick clumsily flirts with him before realizing Kevin both has a boyfriend, and is about to become Patrick's new boss. 

Where We Leave Him: Oh, how the tables turned. After drunkenly kissing Patrick in the bathroom at his sister's wedding at the end of last week's episode, Kevin takes it a considerable step further by manipulating Patrick to come to the office after hours for non-existent work reasons only to quickly seduce him via an incredibly sexy rant about his problematic crush on him. 

Where We Hope He Goes: Even though both Kevin and Patrick's behavior has been morally ambiguous at best all season, we can't help but be curious where things could go with them. We doubt Kevin will be quick to breakup with his own boyfriend (or his money), but watching Patrick navigate being the other man would be pretty interesting. Not to mention their dynamic is certainly the sexiest of all the "Looking" matchups, and we're all for a sequel to their tryst on the office couch.

Frank (O.T. Fagbenle)

Where We Meet Him: Making the horrible decision to let Agustín move into his Oakland apartment.

Where We Leave Him: Telling Agustín to get the fuck out of that Oakland apartment after finding out he paid a sex worker to fuck Frank for the sake of Agustín's "art." It's a long time coming given all the shit he's put up with all season, and to be honest we never quite understood what Frank saw in Agustín to begin with. Though we also didn't see the pre-domestication part of their relationship which had to have been better than we witnessed this season.

Where We Hope He Goes: Nothing against Frank (or the adorable O.T. Fagbenle), but we kind hope we never see him again. It's certainly in Frank's best interest to keep Agustín as far away from his possible, so unless "Looking" gives him his own storyline (and since he was not promoted to series regular, we doubt it), let this be the end of Frank.

Lynn (Scott Bakula)

Where We Meet Him: In a bathhouse sauna via Dom, who Lynn initially thinks is flirting with him before realizing Dom just wants his business advice. Lynn cautiously allows their relationship to persist in that regard, and he gives Dom the money for the pop up Piri Piri restaurant we see open in the season finale.

Where We Leave Him: Much more self-assured than, say, Richie or Frank, Lynn never quite allows Dom to walk all over him. But after a confrontation in last week's episode, he seems to decide for himself that having Dom in his life is not the best idea.  Until, of course, that aforementioned talking to from Doris, which sways him in the other direction.

Where We Hope He Goes: We heart Lynn even more than we heart Dom, and though Bakula was not tapped as a series regular for next season, we sure hope he -- and Lynn -- are at least back in recurring form and "Looking" explores the potential of his non-business related relationship with Dom.

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