Like surely many folks out there, we rewatched "The Birdcage" this past week, and as bittersweet as that was it was striking how it's unlikely such a movie would ever be released by a studio today, let alone make over $120 million (it remains the highest grossing film with a gay lead character, nearly 19 years later). And sure, it has its faults, but its essential message to accept yourself and the people around you, and the relationship between Robin Williams and Nathan Lane's characters were for many the first time they ever saw a generally loving gay couple onscreen (though granted a borderline asexual one -- even if after that many years together it's probably pretty realistic).

Inevitably someone was going to ask Lane about Williams' death, and just as inevitably it resulted in some kind and heartfelt words from Lane's one-time onscreen partner.

“Nobody was more kind or generous, and he was the most compassionate and sensitive soul — I mean, obviously, funny, and you know; an entertaining person to be around,” Lane said. “He was an extraordinary intellect. The way his mind worked, you know, should have been studied in laboratories."

Watch the interview below (or click here if it's not showing up):