Jane and Lily

Dear Netflix,

Did you invent a machine with capabilities to steal ideas from our dreams? Because your announcement today that you had ordered to series a half-hour comedy starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin -- two women we and everyone else in the world should bow down to -- certainly feels like it. In fact, you've gone and above and beyond that by giving their show -- titled "Grace and Frankie" -- this glorious fucking premise:

"Fonda and Tomlin play the titular longtime rivals whose lives are turned upside down when their husbands announce that they're in love and are going to get married."

We can't breathe! 

Just promise us to make this show the greatest thing ever, because it has to be, and promise to eventually bring in Dolly Parton as the third lead. Maybe as a sassy sheriff? We don't care who she plays, just complete the "9 to 5" reunion, svp. 

And also please be imaginative as possible with the casting of their gay husbands (Dabney Coleman as one of them might be a bit too much... But what about Garry Shandling and Jeffrey Tambor? Or Fred Willard and Alan Alda?), and keep them around as (non-offensive) second bananas.

But seriously, thank you, Netflix. You had us at "House of Cards" and "Orange Is The New Black." This is pure icing.