Sit in bed and watch Netflix all day? Yes, I do actually. Get paid for it? Only if I can find a way to pitch yet another story on "10 Ways OITNB Is Even More Fabulous Than You Realize". Well, now there is a real live job and it really involves sitting around watching Netflix and getting paid for it. I am not even kidding. So how do you land this job of the Gods?

1. Live in the UK or Ireland (I know! Discrimination! I can get a proxy that says I stream from there, is that not ENOUGH??)

2. Have a background in / strong interest in TV and Film. I'm guessing you wouldn't be reading this on Indiewire if you didn't, so yay you!

3. Have "great organizational skills" and be "tenacious about follow-through and follow-up on a project" as well as "detail-oriented". 

4. Apply HERE.

Good luck all you British /bent readers, goddam you!

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