American Hustle

The continuing David O. Russell + Academy = true love 4evr.
Knegt: Speaking of David O. Russell, when will he ever learn if the Academy doesn't stop throwing buckets of Oscar nominations at him for every single thing he does? I found "American Hustle" to be an even bigger mess than "Silver Linings Playbook" and am still beside myself at how many people clearly don't agree with me with regard to either film. I can't wait for next year when Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence both win Oscars for David O. Russell's "Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence Take a Shit."

Too much "Nebraska"
Knott: Which will no doubt feature alongside whatever Alexander Payne turns out next. I've been told, as a non-American, that I just don't get "Nebraska". In which case, Americans, you're welcome to it, and the career of Alexander Payne while you're at it. I'm not going to snipe too hard about a film which a lot of people clearly love, although I have to say that the Cinematography nomination is, to my eye, totally baffling, and more informed by the prestige associations of black and white than any true assessment of the film's visual qualities. Am I taking this too seriously again? Is it too mean-spirited to say that I thought June Squibb's performance was better suited to a community theater stage than an Academy Award nomination? Then I'll keep my mouth shut.

Too much "Dallas Buyers Club"
Knegt: Aw, I heart June Squibb. But I guess I'm somewhat more American than you. And as a resident of the almost-America country of Canada, one would think I would take pride that one of my fellow countrymen directed one of the year's best picture nominees, "Dallas Buyers Club." But as I've already made clear probably one or two too many times on this website, I am not a fan of that movie. Though I was totally prepared for it to get nominations for McConaughey, Leto and best picture. But best original screenplay!? And best film editing!? Both over "Inside Llewyn Davis," my favorite film of the year? I should really quit this job and go join the merchant marines.

Inside Llewyn Davis
"Inside Llewyn Davis"

Not enough "Inside Llewyn Davis"
Knott: I'll join you. Because the really galling thing about all those nominations for "Dallas Buyers Club" and "Nebraska" is that they knocked "Llewyn Davis" right out of contention in not just those categories but basically every single one. People have already quipped on Twitter that it is entirely fitting for a film about an unappreciated talent to go so unappreciated. And it's not exactly less than I'd expect. I just think it would be nice if more people went to see my favourite film of last year. And if there's anything a bunch of Oscar nominations is good for, it's that.

Not enough "Inside Llewyn Davis," seconded.
Knegt: Bitch, you stole my number one.