This week we said goodbye to Trinity K. Bonet. There is contention in the blogosphere about whether or not Trinity had deserved to be in the bottom two over Joslyn Fox (I too am still pondering this), and the conversation between fans relates closely to the exchange between Trinity and Bianca in the Untucked Lounge. As you will recall, Trinity raised the question to the group as to how much the queens are critiqued based on their performances in the challenges and how much they are judged for their “drag”. It was a worthy question, the sort of question that deserves consideration when we see Joslyn rise to the top six. Bianca responded to Trinity that this game cannot just be about a queen’s aesthetic or else it would be a mere beauty pageant, and Drag Race is much bigger than that. This is the Drag Olympics, as Ru would say.

Depending on how we weigh them we could have seen any two of Trinity, Joslyn, or Adore Delano in the bottom two this week. Adore Delano was negatively criticized for her performance in the talk show challenge, and was read for her runway ensemble (I personally liked her concept, but it did not cohere as a whole). Joslyn’s talk show was competently handled until she offended Georgia Holt with a loaded abortion question. She was majorly ridiculed for her poorly selected interview questions, and then criticized further for her dull runway ensemble. Trinity made the mistake of calling Chaz Bono “Chad” throughout her entire talk show, which did not go well with the judges. Meanwhile, Trinity’s runway look was one of the best of the week—her attention to detail is impressive for a young queen. Overall, Adore has been the highest performing of the named queens, but she was the least impressive of the squirrels this week so her place in the bottom two was understandable (mind you, some fans enjoyed her outfit this week). Between Joslyn and Trinity, however, it was a toss-up. Joslyn has hit her share of comedic high notes throughout the season, and Trinity had fared similarly for the previous two episodes. Trinity had lip-synced a couple times, while Joslyn has once before been in the bottom two. Both queens at this juncture in week nine showed promise to the judges, much as they each have consistently exhibited weaknesses throughout season six. Trinity’s nerves had consistently gotten the worst of her, while Joslyn’s Achilles heel was her entire wardrobe.

I imagine the outrage over Trinity’s elimination is to do with that she had shown serious growth in the episodes prior to the talk show challenge, particularly in her confidence as a comedienne and actress. Given the upward battle that had been Trinity’s narrative arc for season six, there was a feeling for us that her journey was not yet finished when she was told to sashay away. The other reason we were sad to see Trinity go was because she dazzled us on the runway, week after week after week. Even her safer runway choices were nonetheless polished and pristinely detailed. This week’s exotic bird look was Trinity’s best presentation yet, which made her elimination feel even more injurious (to us).

It is easy for us to use this sad moment as ammunition against Joslyn, but let us remember that previous to these last few episodes we had been rooting for Joslyn to make it this far in the game. After four straight weeks of hilarious performances, Joslyn had us hoping she could rise to the top as a dark horse, someone who could woo the judges with “it” factor and then develop a cleaner sense of style down the road. Perhaps this week fans wanted Trinity to stay longer because in their perspective Joslyn had finally peaked. I must admit that after this week I too am positive Joslyn will not make it to the final four. I still wonder if Trinity had endurance to go further if she had not been placed in the bottom two.

Regardless of how many hypothetical scenarios we could imagine in the event that Trinity had not gone home, we are so gifted to have seen her thrown down one more time in a lip-sync for her life. I had just earlier this week been complaining to friends that because season five had spoiled us with powerhouse lip-syncs on an almost weekly basis, this season has felt a bit drab by comparison. Up to this week, Trinity was the only queen from season six who I thought would enter the Drag Race pantheon of great lip-sync artists. Therefore, it was especially exciting to see this queen’s high drama and on-point choreography matched by, of all people, Adore Delano!!! Who knew that stoned valley girl had so many tricks up her sleeve, or could move so fast?! Needless to say, it is the best lip-sync we have seen in this season thus far. We have already re-watched it a number of times. It confirms to us that Adore has the goods to go far in this season.

We are in the top six!!! This is where the competition becomes an exercise of splitting hairs because from this moment onward there is not a queen who we do not like. Some legendary queens have departed from their respective seasons after making it to the top six: Jessica Wild, Shangela Laquifa Wadley, Willam, and Alyssa Edwards (on yeah, and uh, Jade Sotormayer). Turn to the next page and let us examine each of the remaining queens of season six in order to decide where we think these they will end up by the end of this season, as well as when we would like to see them go home...