Andrej Pejic

Andrej Pejic has become the first confirmed cast member of Sofia Coppola's live action Little Mermaid adaptation. Pejic, who was born male but prefers female pronouns and considers herself as living "between genders", has previously made a splash (geddit!) in the modelling world, but also appeared alongside Tilda Swinton in David Bowie's 2013 music video The Stars (Are Out Tonight).

Despite Pejic's stated preference for female pronouns, the news of her casting in Coppola's film was first reported by The Daily Mail (in a story we won't link to here) with the charming headline "The Little Merman!". The entire story then refers to Pejic as "he", despite it taking no more than a click on her Wikipedia page to see that this is not how Pejic would have it. Hardly surprising for a publication with such a history, but depressing all the same.

With the role described as "Sister No.4" it seems unlikely to be a major part for Pejic, but it certainly sets a refreshing and intriguing precedent ahead of further casting. Naturally, we'll keep you updated.