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Token Gay of the Day: Thad and Patrick in “The Family Stone”

Photo of Matthew Hammett Knott By Matthew Hammett Knott | /Bent January 22, 2014 at 11:08AM

Who's today's token gay?
Family Stone

I should be pleased when a mainstream Hollywood film counts an interracial gay couple among its characters. Except that the word “character” is a bit of a stretch for a pair who are barely fleshed out beyond their box-ticking descriptors of gay, deaf and (in one case) black. Three diversity quotas for the price of one! Hell, they even throw in gay adoption. And when I say throw in, I mean cover in a single shot.

The characters’ only real purpose in the film is to provide the fuel for Sarah Jessica Parker’s big homophobic faux-pas, when she manages to insult the whole family, and by implication, the viewer’s own liberal sensibilities. It’s just a shame that what we are being so proudly accepting of is a pair of characters as thinly sketched and cravenly tokenistic as they come.

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