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[Scene] Birdcage - But... They're Gay??? (reupload) : Seeing as my first video of this scene, which was uploaded just shy of a year ago, had the audio glitch I decided to finally get around to reuploading this video with a correctly aligned audio. Just to let you all know, I recorded the first version from the record button on the VLC Media Player. Never had a problem with it before :) There are so many reasons why this took so long to do, but here are the top: 1) I couldn't find my old hard drive which had the digital copy of the dvd I owned, which was sold. 2) Went off to college about a week after the first scene upload, which took a majority of my time away. 3) My few attempts at redoing this all had the same audio lag in the rendered product, or were like 8GB in size. Had to figure that out lol. 4) Laziness Long story short, here it is :) I hope you all enjoy it and hopefully I can try and find something new to do on this youtube channel that doesn't take a year to do :)