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Watch Queen Latifah and Madonna Marry 33 Gay and Straight Couples Live During The Grammys

by Peter Knegt
January 27, 2014 9:55 AM
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Did this really just happen? Look, clearly we are all for equal rights for same-sex couples, but isn't this just taking it a bit too far? Mass weddings orchestrated by a closet case and a white cane armed Madonna during a song where a straight man mostly just talks about how he isn't gay? In the wise words of  during my favorite tweet of the night: "Your father and i got married on tv while Mackle man sang "i used to think i was gay because im good at cleaning my room". it was beautiful"

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  • Amona | July 29, 2014 10:10 PMReply

    I loved this performance. And all the artists. If you don't like it then don't watch it.

  • Kelly coomer 11 years old | April 12, 2014 1:13 AMReply

    When he says its plain god it isnt read thr bible god says it wrong I am with Phil roberston.....This video is sicking I used to like macklmore and madonna and u cant hate me for this comment its American I have freedom of speech so ummm yeah disgusting ......!!!

  • Travis | January 27, 2014 4:09 AMReply

    USA - from Puritans to Impure-itans

    Any connection between beautiful New England and predicted disasters?
    Take same-sex marriage. I would have guessed that a "sin" city (San Francisco? Las Vegas?) would have been the first to legalize it.
    Oddly it's been America's birthplace that's wanted to be the first place to end America and its values! It's been a Nor'easter of Perversion (helping to fulfill Luke 17's "days of Lot") that began in (you guessed it) Boston in 2004!
    New England has gone from the Mayflower Compact to the Gay Power Impact, from Providence to decadence, from Bible thumpers to God dumpers, from university to diversity to perversity, and from the land of the Great Awakening to God's Future Shakening that'll make the Boston bombings look like Walden Pond ripples by comparison!
    The same Nor'easter has been spreading south and as far west as Washington State where, after swelling up with pride, Mt. Rainier may wish to celebrate shame-sex marriage by having a blast that Seaddlepated folks can share in lava-land!
    The same Luke 17 prediction is tied to the Book of Revelation which speaks of the cities that God will flatten because of same-sexism - including American cities - a scenario I'll have to accept since I can't create my own universe and decree rules for it.
    I've just been analyzing the world's terminal "religion" that has its "god," its accessories, its "rites," and even a flag. It's an obsession that the infected converts are willing to live for, fight for - and even die for!
    Some claim that Jesus never mentioned homosexuality. Well, when gays have birthdays they don't say what they don't want but say positively what they do want.
    Likewise Jesus didn't get negative and mention every sexual variation that He knew mankind would invent, but stated positively that marriage involves only a man and a woman!
    Want more facts? Google "God to Same-Sexers: Hurry Up," "Government-Approved Illegals," "FOR GAYS ONLY: Jesus predicted," "Filthy Still Club (Rev. 22:11)," and "The Background Obama Can't Cover Up."

  • Toby | January 27, 2014 12:20 AMReply

    A gay nightmare. Expect a violent backlash coming in the near future.

  • Misty | February 22, 2014 11:17 PM

    A violent back lash in the near future?? Homosexuals have already suffered violent backlash for their choices and some have even died. You're pretty much late on that..But ppl will always fear things they don't understand and therefore it will always be homophobs like yourself who will always have a negative reaction to anything you DON'T want to except and it's truly sad!

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