Everyone knows the tedious part of Pride is that tiny corner taken over by vicious Christian protesters. We're abominations, we're sinners, we're awaiting God's fiery poker... I've caterwauled an articulate "fuck you!" before, but this year at Seattle Pride Mama Tits showed me how it's really done. Armed with a booming mic Mama read them the riot act. And what's more, she did it on their own terms. It's a smack down you're not going to want to miss.

It takes a deeply selective reading of the Bible to choose homosexuality as the sin to persecute: the Old Testament condones all sorts of bat-shit behaviour, including cutting off your wife's hand if she defends her husband for an attack but accidentally touches the attacker's genitals. And if you're looking for any mention in the NT then Jesus is not your man. The only person to mention it is Paul, who clearly deleted the "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" memo. This is all true - Jed Bartlett told us so! - but how often does it get said, let alone bellowed, announced, celebrated in the face of the cant-filled Christians who refuse to acknowledge it. Mama Tits, we salute you!

gay marriage

You can read Mama Tits' first hand account of the incident here. We strongly encourage you to do so!