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Mindless Wanderings (...Or Stuff That Happened While You And Your Date Were At Comic-Con)

Photo of Jim Amos By Jim Amos | Box Office Insider July 28, 2014 at 12:06PM

While you were busy basking in the experience which is Comic-Con you missed some important industry news. Allow Box Office Insider to recap for you...

While you and your lovely girlfriend (pictured to the left) were busy basking in the experience which is Comic-Con you missed some important industry news.  Allow Box Office Insider to recap for you...

Doctor Who

*** It was announced that the first episode of the new season of the hit BBC TV series "Doctor Who" would be shown in theatres domestically on August 23rd, to coincide with the BBC America launch of the series, featuring the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi.  If you remember correctly, the anniversary special last November amassed a staggering $10.2 million theatrically worldwide.  

*** Speaking of Alternative Content events, "The King of Waltz", Andre Rieu, (no, I didn't make that title up) last week set a U.K. record for Event Cinema, as it's called overseas, with $1.42 million from 410 locations in the UK and Ireland from a concert he filmed earlier in the year.

*** Wait, we're not done with Alternative Content just yet.  Boy band One Direction announced their new concert film based on their "Where We Are" concert tour, would come to theatres worldwide for two nights on October 11th & 12th.  The film was based on a June 1D concert in Milan's San Siro Stadium.  And no, you're not going crazy, the band has already had one theatrical film.  

*** Tri-Star/Sony acquired the rights to release the Jodie Foster directed, "Money Monster", which has been described as "Network" meets TV's "Mad Money".  The film will star George Clooney.

One Chance

*** Weinstein Company has partnered with Yahoo Screen Service to bring the Paul Potts biopic, "One Chance", to their streaming service 10 days prior to domestic theatrical release. The film is the inspirational story of Potts, a mild mannered car phone salesman, who became a YouTube opera sensation thanks to his appearance on "Britain's Got Talent".  

*** I wouldn't hold my breath on this one but I'll report it nevertheless...Florida GOP state senator Alan Hays has proposed a state bill that would require Florida students to view Dinesh D'Souza's docudrama, "America". 

*** Startup company Dealflicks has raised $1.7 million in capital in an attempt to become the Priceline of movie tickets.  The company has thus far partnered with a few smaller exhibitors to offer an app that sells discounted movie tickets and concessions.  As of this moment, none of the major exhibitors are on board with the service. 

*** The National Association of Theatre Owners announced last week that average ticket price for Q2 was down slightly (-0.6%) versus the same period for 2013.  The change was generally attributable to fewer successful 2014 earl summer tentpoles that would also include Imax and 3D upcharges.

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